METRO GRADE 1 - Round 7

Mark Alexander, Saturday, 27 April 2019

The Belrose Bulls continued to show they are the real deal this year despite a narrow 54-56 (1-9) loss in a titanic struggle with the Cabramatta Bullants, the defending State Grade 1 Champions.  Brad Franklin's rink continued their outstanding season with a strong win (25-15) over current Australian representative and NSW State skipper Ray Pearse.  Despite going down, the rinks of Matt Blackburn (18-19) and Crawford Linton (11-22) played their part in a great overall team effort that should augur well for the Bulls in matches to come.


Steve Lowe, Steve Gliddon, Mikel Smith, Matt Blackburn

Steve Kerr, Stuart Rigg, Tony Taylor, Brad Franklin

John Venteman, James Brown, Adam Moody, Crawford Linton


The Harbord Hawks face an uphill struggle to make the top 6 after going down 52-63 (1-9) to the previously winless Grandviews.  After a season of slowish greens it was both a pleasure and a challenge to play on the Gators' home green running a slick 17s.  The rinks of Paul Leckey (16-25) and Terry Warder (18-25) found it tough going and did well to hold their margins to single figures while Mark Alexander's team salvaged the lone point for Harbord with a hard-fought win (18-13).


Peter Crossingham, Colin Green, Steve Smith, Mark Alexander

Harry Archer, Brian Tyte, Phil Enever, Paul Leckey

Ricky Ford, Chris Bailey, Forrest Craig, Terry Warder