Scott Denham
Mark Alexander, Thursday, 18 April 2019

Over 60 bowlers and friends were on hand at Mosman BC on Wednesday to witness the naming of one of their greens in honour of Scott Denham who has spent his entire working life as Mosman's greenkeeper.  What has always been unofficially known as the Church green, given its proximity to Scots Kirk, has now been named the 'Scott Denham Green'.

The Mayor of Mosman, Carolyn Corrigan, unveiled the plaque before an audience that included Scott's wife, Michelle, fellow Mosman members, a visiting team from Manly, Scott's faithful offsider, Snowy Kable, who has worked at the Club for 25 years, plus greenkeepers from other Sydney Clubs.  Scott thanked Michelle for her wonderful support, saying that she had sacrificed much over the years due to the nature of his often 7 days a week job; things like missing kids' sport and the difficulty in taking holidays.

Scott Denham began at Mosman BC as an apprentice 40 years ago and has both worked and played there ever since.  His paramount role is as our greenkeeper and he has always done a superb job of keeping our greens in tip-top condition.  However, it was not just for this role that earned Scott this honour but also the other considerable work he does for the Club.  Scott has been a Club Director since 1993 and is now a Vice-President.  In 2011 he became a Life Member.  Scott has won 36 Club Championships.

Scott has seen the membership of the Club rise to 225 and then slump to 100 and then rise back to the nearly 200 members we have today.  In addition to his Board roles, Scott is the Bowls Secretary, a Club Selector and draws up our annual bowls program.  He is always available to offer advice and information.  Scott and Snowy go well above and beyond their role as greenkeepers and do much around the Club to keep it in good condition inside and out.  A mention of the need for a shelf usually means it is there by the time you return to the Club on the next playing day.

Scott has spent his entire professional life working at and for our Club, a very dedicated 40 years.  We are immensely proud to name his favourite green, the Church green, the 'Scott Denham Green'.

(NOTE:  Text and photo provided by Jeff Hole of Mosman BC)