Photograph:IAN GLOVER
I Glover, Saturday, 9 February 2019



BOWLERS involved in Saturday's zone triple's finals should consider themselves very fortunate if their sleep the previous night was marginally disturbed, as a result of the sheet lighting and torrential rain.

Their night would have been far less comfortable had they been aware that their zone sponsored Harbord green was two inches under water 12 hours earlier.

Amazingly in the initial 9.30 a.m. roll up, it still ran an increditable 14 seconds.

When situations such as this arise, Harbord's well drained greens make life so much easier, not only for the controlling body, but for all visiting bowlers, who sing it's praises regardless whether they win, lose or draw.

                                 THE GAME

In terms of spectator appeal, the zone open triples is considered the feature event on the program, and Harbord's proven combination of Steve Smith, Mark Alexander and Terry Warder the defending champions.

Their Belrose opponents could be best described as a lean, mean and a very keen machine, complete in their jungle greens.

The designer stubble and the mandatory tat or three prove they are still trendy.   

If their intimidating and hungry look was any indication, they could well have stepped out of the old F Troop television series.  

Both Adam Moody and Mikel Smith could be regarded as Belrose's prodigal sons, who ventured down to the beaches to take in the salt and sea for reasons best known to them.

Undoubtedly the experience they gained translated into self evaluation of their own ability and fortunately ignited the desire to play against stronger competition, i.e. a berth in the Belrose metropolitan side.

Belrose's latest addition, Steve Kerr (ex-Asquith), performance as lead in this final spoke for itself, and would be an obvious acquisition in any club.

Self belief can be a great motivator and did Belrose come out firing, try 12-6 after 11 ends.

While there didn't appear much between the leads, any ascendency by Harbord in that department was quickly nullified by Mood's, who was only to happy to ping the target with the big gun.

If it produced a result, then it created a huge problem for Terry the Harbord skip, who was invariably on the back foot and restricted to saving shots.    

As you would expect the bowls standard was right up there and the heads tight as, however Belrose would invariably would salvage a one or maybe a two.

Belrose initiated their first full on attack when they ambushed Harbord and held them scoreless for four consecutive ends.

Harbord broke the drought with a 2, but didn't quite escape, as they were again held scoreless for the next three ends, then managed another 2.

By this stage the ends clock showed five to play and Harbord 11 in arrears.

A formidable task, particularly against this relentless gung ho side, so after Harbord managed a single, thankfully for all concerned, stumps were pulled.

A very convincing win from three young and ambitious Belrose players who deserve the utmost consideration from their selectors.   


FINAL SCORE: Belrose 26 defeated Harbord 13.