Kenta Treacher wins State Singles Championship

Nathan Wise - runner-up State Singles

Kenta Treacher on the mat

Kenta Treacher wins State Singles Championship
Tony Tinworth, Sunday, 10 July 2011

20 year old North Sydney bowler Kenta Treacher today won the State Singles Championship by defeating Belrose's Nathan Wise 31 shots to 21 in a match played in most appaling conditions with almost a blizzard blowing. It was most unfortunate for both players that a major event such as this ended up being played in such unforgiving conditions.

The match was a case of youth verses experience and Kenta handled the conditions better than his opponent. Kenta got away to a good start, leading 14 shots to 8 early in the match. A three took him to a 8 shot lead after which Nathan fought his way back to level the score at 19 all. From that point on, Kenta took charge of the game to allow Nathan only 2 more shots. The match finished in dramatic style. Kenta needed 2 shots to win. He was 1 or 2 shots down with a back bowl near the ditch. With what became the last bowl of the game, Kenta drove the jack into the ditch to claim the title.

As noted in yesterdays report, Kenta was Zone Junior Singles Champion in 2007 and 2007 and he now plays in North Sydney's Grade 1 Pennant side. Nathan is a former Premier League player for Engadine before joining Belrose. He skips one of their Grade 1 teams.

Both players differing styles was interesting - Nathan with his casual delivery and Kenta's more deliberate action. He 'rides' his bowl down the green until it stops.

Kenta now will play in the State Championships which will be held at Soldiers Point from 15th to 22nd October. We wish him well.