Zone 9 wins Interzone Shield

John Smith presents Zones 2,4,9 & 16 Trophy
John Smith, Side Manager Zone 2 presents the Interzone Trophy to President Bob Moran. Eric Ellem, Zone 16 looks on
Tony Tinworth, Sunday, 3 July 2011

Congratulations to players who today won, for the very first time in 13 years, the Zones 2,4,9 & 16 Interzone Shield in a convincing win over Zone 2 (Newcastle) 124 shots to 85.

Conditions at Asquith were great and there were a good number of supporters from all Zones to enjoy the games. As would be expected there were many great shots played and plenty of 'high fives'. Was there a 'home side' advantage? Probably not.

Zone 2 side manager John Smith, who were holders of the trophy, presented the Shield to President Bob Moran who congratulated our players on their win as well as thanking Asquith Club for having hosted the event.

Much credit for the win must go to our selectors - Carl Perry, Keith Warren, Crawford Linton and Barry Williamson. They were all on hand.

This win augers well for the upcoming Senior Interzone Championships which will be held from Tuesday 19th to Thursday 21st July at Taren Point. Exactly the same teams of Seniors who played this weekend will be playing on that occasion but unfortunately they are drawn to play different Zones than they defeated this weekend. Following that event is the State Interzone Championships when all our 'A' side will be representing the Zone at Nelson Bay from 9-11 September.

All the action at Asquith

All credit to the Selectors